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What Is Canada’s Rare Drug Challenge?

Patients in Canada with rare diseases have worse access to essential medicines …

  • When compared to Canadians with other diseases
  • When compared to rare disease patients in other countries

Why Canada’s Rare Drug Challenge?

  • Canada is STILL the only developed country without an Orphan Drug Policy
  • Canada’s public drug plans list only about 30 – 40 % of rare disease therapies approved by Health Canada
  • Canada approves only about 60% of rare disease therapies – and up to 8 years later than elsewhere
  • Unlike 60+ other countries, Canada does not have a government-approved Rare Disease Strategy and it can take more than 7 years to get a diagnosis and see a specialist
  • There are no national standards for newborn screening and genetic testing
  • Private drugs plans are increasingly denying coverage for rare diseases by claiming “pre-existent” conditions

CORD launched Canada’s Rare Disease Strategy in 2015 and helped drive provincial health systems and the federal government to action.

We need the follow-through: formal adoption of Canada’s Rare Disease Strategy by the Prime Minister and provincial premiers.

Canada from “Worse to First” in 2022

  • Canadian government committed $1 billion to set up Canada’s 1st Rare Disease Drug Strategy by 2022
  • With a modernized approval process, patients will get access to life-altering drugs when needed
  • Improved rare disease infrastructure means patients get timely diagnosis and specialty care to avoid disability and early death
  • The provinces need to step up and use these new funds to benefit Canadians with rare diseases

You Helped Before… We Need You NOW!

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